About Us

About Us

Erkalıp, founded by Fahrettin Gülener in 1972, has been the cornerstone of Ermetal Group of Companies. Erkalıp, which has a long experience in shaping high-strength sheet metal which is used extensively in the automotive industry, uses a significant part of this experience to produce sheet metal stamping dies, control and welding fixtures that Ermetal Automotive needs. The remaining capacity of Erkalıp covers the production of Tandem, Progressive and Transfer tooling for the production lines of overseas and domestic customers.

Erkalıp is also capable of handling dies up to 5 meters length and 40 tons of body and chassis sheet metal parts as well as visual exterior and interior panel parts on the vehicle (door, roof, fender), Safety Parts (Steering column, Rear Axle, Crash box, Swing).

Moving to the current factory area in 1998, Erkalıp contributes to the development of the country as one of the leading companies of the tooling sector with its technological investments and employment. In the tooling industry, it takes a long time for the workforce to work in design and production to reach an adequate level of education. Founded by Fahrettin Gülener, Chairman of the Board of Directors, in order to provide qualified employees for the industry; BUTGEM (Bursa Technology Development Center) provides serious contributions to the tooling sector. Therefore a close cooperation with this organization is continuing.

Since 2010 Erkalıp has gained significant experience in the production and delivery of visual exterior panel part dies. Today, it has a closed area of 6500 square meters, with 126 experienced tool makers and 185.000 hours working capacity. All facilities of today's technology are used in the construction of dies and fixtures. Processes and designs are developed with CATIA V5 software, shaping and feasibility analyzes of developed surfaces are performed with AUTOFORM simulation software. With the CAM programs made with TEBIS and CATIA software, machining is carried out on 3-axis and 5-axis CNC milling machines. In addition, it provides the conversion of raw material into tooling by means of laser, wire erosion and other conventional machines. After measuring and confirming the dies produced on CMM and ATOS measuring benches, it performs the testing and lapping processes of the dies in its own presses. The delivery of the dies exported to France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Morocco and Argentina are carried out by commissioning teams experienced in customer


Its customers include the world's leading automotive and tooling companies such as FIAT-TOFAS, FIAT, FORD OTOSAN, RENAULT, TOYOTA, PSA, MATRICI, LAPPLE (GIW), SCHULER. In 2008 Erkalıp was awarded the TOFAS Supplier Quality Award and there is an ongoing partnership between PSA within the framework of the strategic solution partnership. It is at the top of the benchmarks of all PSA suppliers and is involved in almost all of its critical projects worldwide. Erkalıp has ISO 9001 Quality Management Certicate, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certificate and ISO27001 Information Security Certificates.